From prison to pioneer: a chef’s dream to transform one Chicago corner

By Alison Bowen

Originally published on 7/9/2018 by the Chicago Tribune

The flowers by the door of Dream Chef Kitchen aren’t real. But on a dreary day in March, they offered a hopeful note of what might eventually grow.

Growth is important to the catering company and restaurant’s owner and chef, Nichelle Benford. She’s done a lot of growing lately. Growing into the kind of woman who wouldn’t stake her future on anyone but herself; the kind of businesswoman who believes she can create space to serve as encouragement to other entrepreneurs eyeing a corner neighbored by empty lots. And growing into the kind of person who believed her story did not end on the 2010 day when she was sentenced to prison.

Opened in January and expanded to dinner hours this spring, Dream Chef Kitchen (611 S. California Ave.) is a bright space on the corner of California and Harrison, just off I-290. Benford, 37, wants it to be a place where people come for a healthy meal, a seat by a window, maybe even a setting for nurturing bigger plans.

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