Ex-Offender Finds Redemption via Restaurant Grand Opening

By Christopher Shuttlesworth

Originally Published on 2/7/2018 by The Chicago Citizen

Nichelle Benford, a pioneer of the food truck business, recently opened her first restaurant named “Dream Chef Kitchen Restaurant & Catering,” after experiencing entrepreneurial setbacks and serving prison time.

Benford will operate her previously established catering business and mentoring program for employment-challenged young women at her new restaurant, located on 611 S. California Ave. Dream Chef Kitchen Restaurant & Catering will serve local companies, organizations and diners “on-the-go” and those who want a sit-down meal.

“I’ve always dreamt about this day, but I never imagined it would come,” she said. “I know the food business and it’s something I love to do and look forward to doing every day, but what the experience of opening this new restaurant taught me was the importance of having a good support network.”

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