Dream Chef Kitchen serves up inspiration in East Garfield Park

By Gaynor Hall and Pam Grimes

Originally published on 5/31/2018 by WGN9

CHICAGO — Before opening Dream Chef Kitchen and Catering in East Garfield Park, owner Nichelle Benford worked the catwalk, corporate America and the kitchen. But an unexpected detour almost ended her dream before it could begin.

Nichelle was a high fashion model in Europe, working for designer Donna Karan in Milan. But she says she quickly learned she wasn’t cut out for the highs and lows of the industry, and came back home to Chicago. After working for a telecom company, she found that wasn’t a good fit either.

“So, I quit and I went to culinary school and everybody thought I was crazy,” Nichelle said.

She learned to cook as a child, sitting on the kitchen counter and handing spices to the grandmothers who raised her. Cooking put her back in her comfort zone. But just as she was finishing up culinary school at 29 years old, Nichelle was indicted.

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