When hard work needs a little help – A borrower’s story

“We’re so proud of what CKL Engineers, LLC has become.  It took some years of hard work, personal sacrifice and faith to pull it off.  We’ve worked diligently on each and every project making sure it is done correctly. This experience has been both rewarding yet challenging, and we enjoy overcoming each milestone before us,” said Mae Whiteside founder and owner of CKL Engineers, LLC. The professional civil engineering consulting company often performs sustainable transportation design, road and airport construction management and erosion control engineering and inspection services for local, state and federal organizations. Even though CKL Engineers had a number of active clients, Mae sought out CNIMFG to assist with keeping her business afloat until two federal contracts began submitting regular payments. CNIMFG was able to grant the request and CKL has been able to pay off the loan.