Helping others reach their dreams – A borrower’s story

When Tanya Burks-Hinton founded DSS Global Inc., an executive search firm specializing in multicultural recruiting and diverse leadership talent for global Fortune 100 companies worldwide, she never expected it to achieve such a high level of success so quickly. “When we talk about inclusion, we are talking about high achievers who bring unique knowledge and skills to the organization that are diverse in thought, gender, race and/or ethnicity with a successful track record,” said Ms. Burks-Hinton. “For our clients, ‘multicultural inclusion’ is not a buzzword.  It is an economic reality and basic to their core business strategy.” With this in mind Ms. Burks-Hinton knew she had to continue the growth of her business, therefore she sought funding from CNIMFG to hire and train new employees and to provide working capital to fund new contract opportunities. CNIMFG was able to grant the request and the company has now expanded their services.